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As early voters get their ballots, voters in the 5th District turn to educating themselves through information they receive in the mail and digital platforms and they begin to understand the choice between the two candidates. Ilhan Omar constantly fights for her own agenda and ideological beliefs even if it means losing a symbolic fight that gets nothing done for our community. On the other hand, Antone Melton-Meaux is a progressive Democrat, Minister and mediator, who will work to bring people together, find common ground and get things done. Antone believes Washington has too many ideological purists on both sides — and too few willing to listen and compromise to enact real change in our communities.

Things that should concern voters about Ilhan Omar’s time in Congress are her high number of missed votes, numerous ethics violations, and her use of loopholes to delay disclosing details about her book deal until after the Primary. When she does vote, she’s often out of step with Democrats and the District at large. For example, Omar was the only Democrat to side with Trump when she voted against sanctioning Turkey in response to the country’s slaughter of America’s allies, Kurdish forces and civilians. Votes like these further her own agenda and align with her own personal values, not the values of our district.

Things voters may not know about Antone that are compelling:

Antone has long been an ally to the LGBTQ+ community. As a lawyer, he provided free legal services to allow transgender federal inmates to continue gender transition. While working at St. Jude Medical, he wrote the company’s first policy on gender transition. In Congress, he will fight to end discrimination in adoption against LGBTQ+ families and end Trump’s ban that prevents transgender people from serving in the military.

Moreover, Antone will continue to take on President Trump. Antone says that more than being just incompetent and corrupt, President Trump is toxic and harmful to our society. He must be stopped. That’s why Antone strongly supports Joe Biden. We have to pull together and stop hampering our nominee. Ridding the country of Trump will only happen if we come together and stop dividing our party ideologically.