We must be a nation that welcomes those who seek a better way of life, and those that flee desperation and danger in their home countries. How we treat those who arrive at our border is a reflection of how we value humanity. We need to keep kids out of cages and keep families together. We must again be global leaders in addressing conditions that force so many to make the difficult journey to seek asylum at our borders in the first place and also provide a path to citizenship for those who want to call America home.

Ending family separations and closing private detention centers will be my first priority. We need to direct the resources needed to effectively process those crossing our border, ensuring their safety, and providing stability and relief. Then, we need to develop a long-term asylum and immigration system that respects the dignity of individuals and recognizes their humanity. Finally, we need to reestablish protections for DREAMers, and provide an accelerated path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants living in the United States.

Immigration is not just an issue for our southern border. Right here in Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District, we have many vibrant immigrant communities from every corner of the globe. Our diversity of experiences, traditions, and identities is our strength. We need to fight efforts to restrict who’s welcome here, and we must continue to be a refuge for those in need.

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