As Americans, we’re privileged to live in such a prosperous nation. But not all of us have an equal chance to share in that prosperity. People are working more and more hours, but their paychecks often don’t get them through the end of the month. The wealth gap between families of color and white families continues to grow. And despite a strong economy with a record-setting stock market, too many of us are being left behind.

But I believe that by working together, we can create a more just and equitable economy that works for all of us. By putting working people and families first, we can set a better course for future generations and those struggling to realize their American Dream.

People shouldn’t have to work more than one job just to pay the bills. That is why I support a living wage, tied to inflation. We also need to protect those wages by passing a national Wage Theft law, and guarantee everyone takes home what they earn. I also support passing Paid Family Leave nationally, so that no one has to choose between losing their job and taking care of a loved one.

We need to empower people where they work. That means getting organized. I want to make it easier for workers to form a union, and protect the integrity of the process. Unions also deserve a fair shake at the negotiating table, so I’m for mandating productive first contract negotiations and including options for mediation and arbitration.

We cannot live in an equitable society until we address the racial wealth gap. I will support programs that encourage equity in banking, so more people of color are able to build wealth through home-ownership. I will create programs that provide knowledge of and access to opportunities to invest in the stock market. I will advocate for programs that support people of color who want to create and grow their own small businesses and build wealth. I want us to invest in programs for the next generation such as low-risk bonds set up by the government for every child in America at birth. By closing the racial wealth gap, we can renew the promise of an American Dream available to all who seek it.

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