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American Business

A need to drive innovation while providing stability.
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Criminal Justice & Public Safety

It’s time to reimagine what Public Safety means.
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Early Learning and K-12 Education

Developing our future with affordable early learning options.
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By working together, we can create a more just and equitable economy.
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Elections & Voting

Ensuring that everyone can exercise their right to vote.
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We must meet the challenge of climate change.
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Global Affairs

We need to renew our focus as an international leader in peace.
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Gun Safety

The time to pass common sense gun safety is now.
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We have a fundamental duty to achieve universal healthcare.
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Higher Education

We must meet the challenge of higher education.
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Making housing affordable and accessible to all residents.
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We must be a nation that welcomes those who seek a better way of life.
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We must support legislation banning discrimination.
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We must protect and expand reproductive freedom.
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Sexual and Domestic

We must prevent sexual and domestic violence and support survivors. Learn more >>

Workplace Harassment &

All workers must be protected from harassment & discrimination. Learn more >>

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