Why I'm Running

Politics today isn’t working for people. Hyper-partisanship has paralyzed Congress, and that hurts the people of the Fifth, and every American. There’s plenty of noise—a steady buzz of tweeting, name-calling, and grandstanding—but nothing gets done. Too many politicians are focused on the wrong things. They waste time distracting us, dividing us, and cashing in on their celebrity and status for personal benefit. The daily barrage of drama from our would-be leaders in the form of social media fights, ideological battles, and cable news theatrics prevents us from making progress.

This is not what we need, and I know we can do better. In addition to being a proud husband and father, I’m a professional mediator, volunteer minister, and civic leader. Bringing people together is what I’ve done my whole life. As a mediator, I take people who often can’t stand being in the same room with each other, and I help them find common ground and a fair, equitable solution.

I also spend a lot of time listening. Listening is the best way to know and understand people—to appreciate their perspectives and their differences–while still standing for my progressive values. We won’t always agree, but I can promise you, I will always listen and deliver results that benefit all of us. I’m running because the Fifth needs and deserves a representative who will show up, listen, and do the work with integrity and accountability. I will be that representative.

I’ve fought for equality and justice all my life. In the early 2000s, I gave free legal services to federal inmates who were being denied the right to continue their gender transition. I’ve also advocated on behalf of people who were being denied fair housing. And for many years now, I’ve represented children in foster care to help them find their forever families. My volunteer legal work has been some of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

I’m going to Washington to serve the people of the Fifth. I want to work for you. For us. For the Fifth. That’s my commitment. With your support, that’s exactly what I’ll do.

Focused On The Fifth,


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